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     Our story starts with the love of dogs. We own three of our own and they are very much a part of our family. We truly believe Dogs are mans best friend and are deserving of the best possible treatment. It was because of this love and belief that I decided to start my own grooming business in November of 2021.

     I attended one of the country's best grooming schools, The Utah School of Pet Grooming, and graduated top of my class as a Certified Pet Stylist. The day we opened our business we immediately were booked out for weeks, which just goes to show how much we all love our dogs and want them to look and feel their best!  We take pride in the service we provide and we do it with love and the upmost care. We make sure each and every groom is a great experience for you and our doggy clientele. We look forward to serving all dogs and dog owners, one grooming at a time!


Mary Rutland,

Owner and Founder of Doggy Day Spaw

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